Sensing Woman: A Multisensory Event for Reproductive Freedom

Sensing Woman: A Multisensory Event for Reproductive Freedom

Sensing Woman, September 27th - October 1, 2022
C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York City (and Online)

Rosebud Woman and WoArt present Sensing Woman: five days and four nights of contemporary art, provocative dialogue, storytelling, music, and human connection around the future of being female.

Women's rights, bodies, and freedom continue to be threatened around the world, and the progress made during the last 50 years seems to be regressing at an alarming pace. We see these backward steps as a precursor for the next potent surge of advancing gender justice for all people.

Sensing Woman is a gathering to shift minds and hearts, featuring 50 contemporary visual artists, and programs spanning culture, medicine, and governance on female embodiment.. We will listen deeply to the wisdom and insight of those who are imagining what a new world might look like. We will raise funds for sexual health, reproductive equity, and self-determination.

C24Gallery, in NYC’s Chelsea arts district, will serve as a hub for these events. The featured artworks address a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from the personal to the political. Daily talks by artists will focus on their work and insights. Evening programs—including live music, storytelling, and movement—will inspire embodied connection experiences. The artworks created for this event are available for presale at

Artists include Alexandra Carter, Alexandra Rutch-Brock, Amy Butowicz, Anna Ogier-Bloomer, Arlene Rush, Barbara Lubliner, Beatrix Ost, Caroline Wayne, Danielle Krysa, Dee Shapiro, Denise Sfraga, Diana Schmertz, Elisabeth Condon, Erin Juliana, Fay Ku, Jaynie Crimmins, Jillian M Rock, Jo Yarrington, Jung Eun Park, Manju Shandler, Michela Martello, Mija Jung, Patricia Fabricant, Sana Musasama, Seren Morey, Shamona Stokes, Shima Star, Sophia Wallace, Susan Luss, Suzanna Scott, Theda Sandiford, and Traci Johnson.

Speakers include body positivity pioneer Emme, artist Beatrix Ost, rap priestess Lizzy Jeff, artist Sana Musasama, Experience Designer Kathleen Joy and so many more.

All profits will be donated to organizations working to protect and defend autonomy over our bodies, maternal health, and care for women, including The Center for Reproductive Rights and The Center for Intimacy Justice.

“Through Sensing Women, we will look at the impact of civilizations and society on female embodiment, expression, and freedom,” says producing sponsor Christine Marie Mason, CEO of Rosebud Woman and host of The Rose Woman podcast.“We will explore how those factors show up in institutions, cultural systems, and our own minds—and how we want to see them change. Yes, there is political urgency, but this event reaches beyond that: We need to imagine the most beautiful future we can, and share that vision together.”

Full event tickets are available at if you can't attend in person, please join the livestream, or make a donation to support the event, If your organization would like to join us in making this event impactful and unforgettable, please reach out to

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