Dr. Sallie Sarrel

Dr. Sallie Sarrel

“I Want Women to Know”: Reproductive and Maternal Health with Dr. Javaid, Latham Thomas, Stephanie Swartz and Sallie Sarrel

Midday Council, Wednesday, 9/27/22, 1:15-2:45pm pm Eastern Time.


Dr. Sallie Sarrel is a pelvic physical therapist practicing in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. She founded her practice to be a safe haven for all with endometriosis after enduring more than 23 years without a diagnosis and proper treatment of the disease. Realizing the gap between mainstream education and crowd-sourced endometriosis education Sallie co-founded The Endometriosis Summit with Dr. Andrea Vidali.

The Endometriosis Summit has grown to be among the largest educational entities in the world for endometriosis offering many opportunities to understand endometriosis. From their signature Endometriosis Summit held yearly, to the Endo Summit Live's hosted on YouTube to their podcast, The Endometriosis Summit has something for everyone. The Endo Summit seeks to change the narrative in endometriosis so that there is access to care for all. In clinical practice, Sallie specializes in multiple pain generators in people with endometriosis, publishing and lecturing worldwide on myofascial pain, the role of hernia in pelvic pain, and more.


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