Lizzy Jeff

Lizzy Jeff

#1 Your Body This Earth: Women and Ecology, Ecospirituality and Climate with Nicole Casanova, Peggy Shepard and Lizzy Jeff

Midday Council, 9/30/2022, 1:30-3:00pm Eastern time.


#2 Zen and Kush with Lizzy Jeff

Evening Gathering, 9/30/2022, 8:30pm Eastern Time.


Lizzy Jeff's passion for global healing, sacred activism, & sensual, creative expression has placed her at the top of a new wave. She is the leader of a new, emerging renaissance, dedicated to elevating consciousness through plant medicine education, social justice awareness, & curated events.

She is a revolutionary and visionary artist dedicated to healing the collective through #HipHop music, micro reparations & curated Zen & Kush experiences. She's an activist on many levels, leading people into personal evolution & spiritual awakening.

As Founder and CEO of Zen & Kush Records, #LizzyJeff is on a mission to elevate the planet through #plantmedicine, #community, and social restoration, with a splash of sensuality. Her lyrics are #affirmations for ascension and her live performances serve as a portal of thought-provoking lyrics that empower the youth and help restore balance within our communities.



Instagram @LizzyJeff


Related Works of Art:

Michela Martello - Ancestor Upper Trail

2021, Clay, ceramic, gold leaf, moss, 7 x 8 x 4”

"I am inspired by eastern philosophical symbology that I re-elaborate and by an imagery from Mediterranean basin that belongs to my culture of origin, often with a spiritual and decorative dimension. I believe I need to express my profound intimacies without actually revealing them, or rather what I would like to reveal with my work is the mystery of intimacy."


Shamona Stokes - Venus In Blue Jeans

2020, ink & sacred sand from Chimayo, New Mexico on 300# Arches paper
dimensions (unframed): 22.5 x 29.75"
dimensions (framed): 31 x 38"
"Feeling like an outsider is a large theme in my work. I celebrate this “alien-ness” by making strange figures: nature spirits that are part flower-part human, interstellar buddha blobs, and cartoonish fertility statues."

Jillian M Rock - mamaallroadsleadtoyou

2022, digital collage, 16" x 20" artwork, 20" x 22" w/frame

"It is important that my work speaks both to and represents the voices that are too often not heard and spoken over. The voices of the communities that I occupy in both space and spirit. The voices of the people. My people."

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