Denise Sfraga

Denise Sfraga

The biology of plants, nature and natural order has always been and continues to be an important and integral part of my creative life. As both an inquisitive observation oriented artist and avid gardener, I’ve always found inspiration exploring the various stages in the life cycle of plants, from early germination and growth, to seed dispersion and decay. This recent body of work anchors an inventory of organic shapes, layered textures and earthen colors within a subtle niche of reverence and remembrance – a testament to the artistic, cultural and symbolic heritage of plant life throughout history. Utilizing a wide variety of mediums including photography, paint, found and natural materials, each piece attempts to capture a quiet spiritual energy that radiates a meditative presence.


Gnash 1, 2022, colored pencil on paper mounted on wood 8" x 6"


Gnash 2, 2022, watercolor, flashe, oil pastel on paper mounted on wood, 8" x 6"


Artist Bio:

Denise Sfraga is an artist working in an assortment of genres including photography, painting and collage. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Long Island University, C.W. Post College in Brookville, New York.




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