Kathleen Joy

Kathleen Joy

The Red Thread "The Elevator Experience"

Midday Council, 9/28/2022 11:00am Eastern Time.


Kathleen Joy is the the founder of LumiereWork which designs experiences that invoke creative problem-solving and evolutionary shifts for executives, teams, and organizations. Another role Kathleen plays is that of a performing artist who builds interactive installations that focus on self-discovery, community, and compassion. In 2012, she started a project with teenagers called Letters to the Universe, which “toured” during the summers and collected over 5000 notes. Kathleen continues tocreate thoughtful and engaging experiences, including "Social Distortion, "Inspirita" among others.

Kathi Joy and her team leverage tested transformational arts and breakthrough methodologies to inspire bold new levels of personal and organizational brilliance ...


Kathi Joy on the Rose Woman Podcast

When the last of the children leave the home, mothers enter the “empty nest” phase. That moment marks a transition in which requires a certain level of care. This is the first part of several episodes of the Reverence Series. Our guest Kathleen Joy, a proud empty-nester of two inspiring young women shares her insights and experience in this period of her life. 

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Erin Juliana - Velutinous, 2021, fabric, polyfil, yarn, and wire, 6" x 8"

"I’m interested in depicting the opposition of two divergent forces, using the structure of the grid and the fluidity of textiles as a metaphor for the imperfect nature of the human body."


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