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Sensing Woman 2022

Erin Juliana - Velutinous

Erin Juliana - Velutinous

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2021, fabric, polyfil, yarn, and wire, 6" x 8"

I create weavings and paintings depicting images of organic forms, interconnected fibers, and geometric structures. I’m interested in depicting the opposition of two divergent forces, using the structure of the grid and the fluidity of textiles as a metaphor for the imperfect nature of the human body. These concepts are derived from my own history of spinal deformity and Bell’s palsy, as well as my fascination with the symmetrical elements of decorative art.

My process often begins with freehand drawing and watercolor painting before turning an image into something more structured and systematic. Creating work through this lens has allowed me to connect my interests in ornamentation, identity politics, and the tension between the natural and man-made that exists within my own body. I use materials and imagery metaphorically, from combining soft fibers with rigid metal wire to portraying the coexisting dualities of sinuous curves supported by lattice. My themes include symmetry and asymmetry, deformity and correction, systems failing, and organic and geometric structures coexisting. My work considers the political nature of the human body what is considered abject.


About the Artist:

Erin Juliana is originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She attended Maryland Institute College of Art for both her BFA and Masters in Arts and Teaching. After moving to Brooklyn, NY Erin received an MFA in drawing and painting from Brooklyn College CUNY. Erin currently lives in Brooklyn, NY working as a full-time educator and maintaining a studio practice in Sunset Park. Her work explores themes of deformity and correction in a variety of media including embroidery, applique,́ acrylic paintings, weavings, and paper cuts. Her work has been exhibited at the 440 Gallery, National Art Education Headquarters, the VisArts Gallery, La Bodega Gallery, Established Gallery, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art, and Eastern Kentucky University.

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