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Sensing Woman 2022

Traci Johnson - “If you told me you were lonely , I’d run down the hill to be with you”

Traci Johnson - “If you told me you were lonely , I’d run down the hill to be with you”

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2022, Yarn, cloth, faux fur, 8’ x 3.5’

"The Black woman is the most disrespected person on this earth and it is time to heal our women in every way. It is easier to see the goodness in the Black body due to being raised by extraordinary Black women, surrounded by them, I've learned how valued I am. “The Soul of a Black Woman” alludes to how personally I feel about being perceived as one in society from life experience. How can I create alternative ways in which to be seen, to be heard? The focus of these pieces is to build a space where I am able to control the narrative of the Black Woman. Black women are already held to preconceived ideas and notions and are essentially carved into a more acceptable version of themselves. Often we are at the approval of others and forced to live in a specifically dulled light. This refers to the women's inability to make certain life choices, or even explore different gender roles if they could without judgment. It is my hope that while constructing these pieces I’m essentially creating a roadmap for Black women to find a way back to themselves."


About the Artist:

Traci Johnson, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Johnson specializes in textile design, installation and sculpture. Johnson has shown at numerous galleries including Art Port Kingston, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Micheal David & Co, Museum at FIT and F.I.T. Art & Design Gallery. Johnson is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History. Their concepts are driven by mental health, art and fashion as therapy subcultures. Johnson creates a healing space for themselves and others within their work, essentially a safe space. They are deeply affected by traumas and how the human mind, soul and body can be soothed by a moment. As they discover ways to comfort themself, their art emulates a calm, euphoric space.

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